I loved this workout! It was one of those days where you feel really strong and everything feels good. Why can’t all workouts feel that way? This push, pull, legs and core superset workout features full-body functional movements like squats, deadlifts and push ups combined with core strengthening planks. You’ll be putting in a lot of work in a short period of time and working everything from your abs, to your quads, hamstrings, biceps, triceps and chest…pretty much everything!

What’s a Superset?

What’s a superset, you ask? Well, the concept is pretty simple. Pick two exercises and perform them back to back.

My favourite thing about supersets is they save time in the gym. I also like them because I can move from exercise to exercise without resting which keeps my heart rate up ands a cardiovascular element to strength training. This push, pull, legs and core superset workout pairs lower body exercises like squats and deadlifts with various planks. In the third superset, you’ll be pushing and pulling your bodyweight to get an excellent upper body workout. Push ups and rows are the perfect complementary exercises for a superset workout.

Push, Pull, Legs and Core Superset Workout

For superset 1, you’ll perform 6 deadlifts the move right into a 40-second plank. Alternating between the two for 6 sets. The reps for the deadlifts are quite low, so you’ll want to choose a weight that’s on the heavier side. For me, I would probably work with 185 lbs. For you, that might be somewhere between 95 lbs and 225 lbs depending on how strong you are and how you’re feeling.

Superset 2 consists of back squats and side planks. You’ll be doing 10 backs squats with a barbell and a 20-second side plank on each side. The goal is to move from movement to movement with no rest. I would recommend a weight between 85 and 135 lbs for the squats.

For the last superset, you have the upper body push and pull. Move between the push-ups and bodyweight rows with no rest, completing the 6 rounds as quickly as you can.

3 killer supersets, upper body push and pull, squats, deadlifts and planks, this workout has it all! Complete each superset as quickly as you can and then rest as needed between each superset. Choose weights that will allow you to move at a steady pace and complete the reps without breaking them up.

Workout Details

Superset 1 (perform 3-6 sets)

  • 6 deadlifts
  • 40-second plank

Superset 2 (perform 3-6 sets)

  • 10 back squats
  • 20-second side plank left
  • 20-second side plank right

Superset 3 (perform 3-6 sets)

  • 10 push-ups
  • 10 inverted bodyweight rows

Equipment Needed

All you need for this workout is a barbell for the squats and deadlifts and somewhere to perform the inverted bodyweight row. To do the bodyweight row, you can use rings, a TRX, a smith machine bar or a barbell set up on a squat rack around waist height. To make this more difficult, you could substitute the bodyweight rows with pull-ups or banded pull-ups.

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