When I started adding weekly treadmill hill workouts to my running schedule a few months ago I was running up to 6, 7 or maybe 8% and keeping my pace pretty slow. After a few months of training, I’m now running at 7.0 mph on 14%! Okay, it’s only for 15 seconds, but I have seen a huge improvement in my speed and endurance. Today I’m sharing the 30 Minute Rolling Hills Treadmill Workout I did yesterday.

It’s similar to this hill workout from last week except with this workout, you will be running through the rest intervals. This is quite tough. It’s amazing how awesome you can feel running at 7.0 mph on a 10% incline and then after short 20 seconds it becomes incredibly difficult, legs on fire, hard work.

Choose Your Pace

I ran the first 5 hills at 7.0 mph until I had to drop it down to 6.5 for a few more, and eventually 6.0 to finish. At the beginning, you should be running the flat portions faster than you run the hills. Towards the end you may be be running the hills and the flats at the same pace.

Choose a pace that’s going to allow you to recover during the flats and then really push it on those hills. You don’t want to totally die though, so pace so yourself so you can maintain your speed throughout each hill.

30 Minute Rolling Hills Treadmill Workout

This workout is designed for the treadmill so you have control over the incline. You’ll be running descending hills but the length of each hill will increase.

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