Ready for death by goblet? This 30 minute full-body superset workout is a serious burner. It’s a lot of fun, will work every muscle in your body as well as challenge your cardiovascular fitness. You’ll perform 4 different supersets for 5 sets each, resting just 60 seconds between each superset. The result? A sweaty mess crumpled on the floor but feeling proud of the work you just put in! To perform this workout you’ll need a kettlebell and a bench or box.

What’s A Goblet?!

A goblet squat, lunge or step-up involves holding a kettlebell or dumbell close to your chest with your palms turned upward in a goblet shape. If you search goblet squats online you’ll get plenty of examples of how this should look.

I used a 16kg kettlebell for everything, and that was plenty, although you could probably go a little heavier for the deadlift high-pull. Remember to keep good form, chest up, straight back, core tight. No muscle left behind. Let’s do this thing.

The Movements

The goblets squats and burpees are pretty straightforward, as are the goblet lunges and kettlebell swings. For the lunges you can either do a forward or reverse lunge or do walking lunges. Do the goblet step-ups on a box or bench, alternating legs for 20 reps. This is paired with a basic 30 second plank for some added core work. The last superset involves push ups and a deadlift high pull. The deadlift high pull can be performed with a kettlebell or a barbell.

Death By Goblet 30 Minute Full-Body Superset Workout

Get ready to put in a lot of work in about 30 minutes. Choose a weight that will allow you to finish in around that time. Everything can be scaled as needed to suit your fitness level. The goal is to finish as fast as possible, taking little to no rest between the movements in each superset. Get your equipment set up, start your time and it’s go time!

Rest for 60 seconds between each superset.

Workout Details

Superset 1 – Repeat for 5 sets:

  • 10 goblet squats
  • 10 burpees

Superset 2 – Repeat for 5 sets:

  • 20 goblet lunges
  • 10 kettlebell swings

Superset 3 – Repeat for 5 sets:

  • 20 goblet step-ups
  • 30 second plank

Superset 4 – Repeat for 5 sets:

  • 10 push ups
  • 10 kettlebell deadlift high-pull

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