This barbell and burpee 30-minute EMOM consists of 3 different 10-minute sections performed back-to-back. This is a tough one but is perfect if you’re only got enough time for a 30-minute workout. You’ll be putting a lot of work in, so get ready and have fun!

Barbell and Burpee 30 Minute EMOM Workout

What’s an EMOM Workout?

If you’re new to Running on Real Food, I’ll quickly explain what an EMOM is and then we’ll get into the workout. If you’ve done my workouts below, head down below and get started! EMOM stands for every minute on the minute.

To perform an EMOM workout, start a timer and perform the set number of reps. Once you’ve completed them, rest until the timer reaches 1 minute, then do the second exercise, once that’s completed, rest until the timer reaches 2:00 and so on, and so on. Simple, right?

Workout Details

Perform the following every minute on the minute for 30 minutes.

For the first 10 minutes (0-10 min), alternate between:

  • 12 barbell push press
  • 12 burpees

For the next 10 minutes (10-20 min), alternate between:

  • 20 air squats (or goblet squats for an extra challenge)
  • 20 kettlebell swings

For the last 10 minutes (20-30 min), alternate between:

  • 12 barbell thrusters
  • 12 burpees

Workout Scaling Options

This is not an easy workout, so scale the reps and weights accordingly so you can complete all 30 minutes. If needed, drop the push press, burpees and thrusters to 8-10 reps per minute. The air squats and kettlebell swings can be reduced to 15 reps if needed.

Equipment Needed and Weight Suggestions

To perform this workout, you will need:

  1. Barbell and weights for the push press and thruster. Use the same bar and weight for these two movements. I used 85 lbs which is quite difficult. I’d suggest anywhere from 45-85 lbs. It should be tough but doable for 5 rounds each, alternating with burpees and getting minimal rest. The sets should be performed “unbroken” without putting the bar down. If you don’t have a barbell, you can use two dumbbells or two kettlebells.
  2. Kettlebell. You’ll need 1 kettlebell for the swings. I’d suggest a 16 kg kettlebell for ladies and 24 kg for men. Adjust as needed to suit your fitness level. The 20 reps should be performed unbroken.

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