This longer aerobic conditioning workout features running, rowing, kettlebell swings, sit-ups and plank toe touches. You’ll need about 30 minutes to complete it and by the time you’re done, you will have put in some serious work and improved your aerobic fitness and endurance. It might take you longer than 30 minutes, it just depends how fast you move, so get after it!

30 Minute Aerobic Conditioning Workout

How to Perform this Workout

Start with the 400 m run then work through the rest of the workout at a steady pace with good form. It doesn’t have to be a full-out sprint as it is quite long but the goal is to keep moving without resting. You’ll catch your breath on the kettlebell swings and sit-ups so try to push the pace on the rowing and running.

Workout Details

Complete 4 rounds:

  • 400 m (0.25 mile) run
  • 25 kettlebell swings
  • 25 sit ups
  • 25 calorie row
  • 25 alternating goblet step-ups
  • 25 alternating plank toe touches

Plank Toe Touches How-To

To do the plank toe touches, start in a high plank, then push back to a downward dog position, reaching across and touching your right hand to your left foot, return to a high-plank and repeat on the other side for 25 total reps. Watch this video for an example.

Scale this Workout

To make this workout easier, reduce the rounds or reps to suit your fitness level. For example, do 15-20 reps instead of 25, or 2-3 rounds instead of 4. To make this workout harder, go faster! See if you can finish it in under 30 minutes.

Equipment Needed

Here the equipment you’ll need for this workout:

  • Treadmill or outdoor 400 m/0.25 mile route.
  • Kettlebell. I used a 16 kg kettlebell for the swings and step-ups. I did Russian kettlebell swings, or to eye level. To make it harder, use a heavier kettlebell or go overhead with the swing. Choose a weight that will allow you to perform the 25 reps unbroken. You can hold two dumbbells or place an empty barbell on your back for the step ups if you prefer.
  • Rowing machine. Use a rowing machine set to calories. If you don’t have access to a rowing machine, you can perform 25 cals on a ski erg or assault bike, add a second 400 m run or hop on a cardio machine of your choice for 1:30 at about 85% effort.

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