This 100-20-100 reps for time workout is designed to be done as fast as possible. You’ll be starting off with 100 double unders, or 200 single skips, then working through various reps of strength exercises from 80 down to 20 before working your way back up again and finishing with another 100 double unders or 200 single skips. Let’s do it!

What’s a “For Time” Workout?

A for time workout is CrossFit terminology for a workout designed to be completed as fast as possible. This one isn’t going to be a full-out sprint but you should try to keep moving at a steady pace, keeping rest to a minimum.

How Long Does this Workout Take?

This workout took me almost 24 minutes, doing double unders, using 35 lb dumbbells for the thrusters, 25 lb dumbells for the renegade rows, a 20 inch box and a 16 kg kettlebell for the deadlift high pulls. Try to complete this in under 30 minutes with a goal of finishing in under 25 minutes.

What Equipment Do I Need?

Here’s what you’ll need for this workout. Scale the weights according to suit your fitness level.

  • Box or bench. You’ll need a 20-24 inch box or bench for the burpee to box jumps.
  • Kettlebell. You’ll need a 16-24 kg kettlebell for the kettlebell deadlift high pulls.
  • Skipping Rope. You’ll need a skipping rope for the double unders or single skips. If you don’t have a skipping rope you can substitute 100 jumping jacks or 100 high knees.
  • Dumbbells (or a barbell and dumbbells). You’ll need one or two sets of dumbbells for the thrusters and renegade row, depending on if you use the same weight for these two movements. I used 25’s for the row and 35’s for the thrusters, so I needed two sets. If you prefer to do barbell thrusters, I’d suggest a 65 lb. barbell.

How to Do this Workout

Alright, let’s get into this! There’s nothing complicated about this one, it’s one big set you’ll complete from start to finish just once. Kick things off with 100 double unders (or 200 single skips if you can’t do double unders), then work through the reps of the rest of the exercises before finishing off with another set of skipping.  I’ve linked to video examples of the exercises you may not be familiar with.

Here’s how it looks:

100 Double Unders (or 200 single skips)
80 Mountain Climbers
60 Kettlebell Deadlift High Pulls
40 Burpee to Box Jumps
20 Thrusters (Dumbbell or Barbell)
40 Renegade Rows
60 Sit Ups
80 Jumping Lunges
100 Double Unders (or 200 single skips)

I’d say the hardest parts are the 40 burpee to box jumps and the 80 jumping lunges. I kept a steady pace for the burpee box jumps, no stopping and did the jumping lunges in 8 quick sets of 10.

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100-20-100 Reps For Time Workout - Running on Real Food