This 45 Minute Full-Body EMOM Workout features 9 different exercises performed every minute on the minute circuit-style for 5 rounds or a total of 45 minutes. This is a fun one so get ready to sweat!

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What’s an EMOM Workout?

If you’ve been doing my workouts for a while or are familiar with CrossFit-style training, you know that EMOM stands for every minute on the minute. This means that at the top of every minute, you start a new movement and once you complete it, rest until the next minute.

45 Minute EMOM Details

Perform the following movements, every minute on the minute for 45 minutes (click links for exercise descriptions):

  1. 6 DB Man Makers
  2. 20 Overhead Kettlebell Swings
  3. 20 Plate Ground to Overhead
  4. 30 Weight Plate Russian Twists
  5. 15 Pushups
  6. 20 Jumping Lunges
  7. 20 Jump Squats
  8. 12 DB Burpees
  9. 40 Seconds Plank

Equipment Needed

You don’t need much for this workout. Prepare the following equipment before you get started so you can quickly move between stations:

  1. Kettlebell. Choose a moderate to heavy weight so you can perform 20 overhead kettlebell swings in one set. I used a 20 kg kettlebell. I would suggest using 16-24 kg.
  2. Dumbbells. You’ll need one or two sets of dumbbells for the man makers and DB burpees, depending on what weights you want to use. I used 20 lb. dumbells for the man makers and 35 lb. dumbells for the burpees. I would suggest using somewhere between 20-35 lbs for these two exercises.
  3. Weight plate. You’ll need a weight plate or medicine ball for the Russian twists. I used a 25 lb weight plate. I would suggest 15-30 lbs for this exercise. You should be able to do them in one set quick but with control.


This workout is easily scaled to suit your fitness level. There are a few different ways you can scale it:

  1. Adjust the reps. If this is too easy for you, increase the reps by 3-6 per round. Too difficult? Decrease the reps as needed. You should be getting 10-30 seconds rest per round. If you’re getting less than 10 seconds rest (except for the 60 seconds of skipping), I’d suggest scaling it back a bit.
  2. Reduce the rounds. If you don’t have time for the full 5 rounds or just aren’t ready for it, scale down 3 or 4 rounds. Really short on time? 2 rounds would be a great start and you’d only need 18 minutes!
  3. Adjust the weight. If you’re able to complete the number of reps but aren’t quite there strength-wise, use lighter weights. If you’re feeling good and want to push it, choose a weight that’s going to be very challenging but will still allow you to complete all the rounds and reps.

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