This workout is great for anyone and everyone training for Tough Mudder or other obstacle course event. This endurance-building training session will take quite a chunk of time so allow yourself about an hour or so to complete it. You’ll be running for a total distance of 8 km, or 5 miles plus you’ll be stopping to include “obstacles” at various intervals. Tough Mudder and other obstacle events are a ton of fun, doable for most levels of fitness and a great goal to help keep you focused on your training.

Table of Contents

Tough Mudder Training Workout

You won’t need much for this workout, just a treadmill to run your intervals and a few weights for the deadlifts and goblet squats. The run intervals are broken up with strength training exercises, simulating the obstacles you’d encounter in an obstacle event like Tough Mudder.

Workout Details

Complete 2 Rounds for Time:

  • 1 mile run
  • 40 deadlifts
  • 0.75 mile run
  • 30 goblet squats
  • 0.5 mile run
  • 20 push ups
  • 0.25 mile run
  • 10 burpees

No Time? Just starting out? No problem!

If you’re in a time crunch or just starting your fitness journey, simply scale the workout back to one round, reduce the length of the run intervals and/or reduce the number of reps performed.

Weights and Run Recommendations

It really depends on your current fitness but I used a 115 lbs for the deadlifts and a 25 lb dumbbell for the goblet squats. I ran the first round of intervals between 8.0 mph and 8.5 mph and the second round between 7.5 mph and 8.0 mph. You can use either a barbell, kettlebell or dumbbells for the deadlifts and a dumbbell or kettlebell for the goblet squats.

If you want to switch it up, try box jumps or jump squats instead of goblet squats, add a high pull to the deadlift, add some pull ups on to the end or switch out any of the exercises to suit your preference. Either way the the goal is to get through this workout as quick as you can so get moving!

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Tough Mudder Training Workout for Obstacle Courses