This fun and sweaty kettlebell and barbell conditioning workout will challenge the entire body. From pushing to pulling, you’ll work your arms, core, legs and back, along with your heart and lungs!

Written workout instructions for a kettlebell and barbell conditioning wokrout.

Equipment Needed

To complete this workout, you will need:

  • 1 barbell with weight plates (or empty bar for beginners)
  • 1 kettlebell
  • Barbell portion can be substituted with 2 kettlebells or 2 dumbbells.
  • Kettlebell can be substituted with a barbell by performing sumo deadlift high-pulls and conventional deadlifts for the KB high-pull and swings.

Workout Details

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Part 1: Complete 10 Rounds

  1. 4 push ups
  2. 6 kettlebell deadlift high-pulls
  3. 8 Russian kettlebell swings

After 10 rounds, rest for 3 minutes.

Part 2: Complete 10 Rounds

  • 4 barbell bent-over rows
  • 5 hang power cleans
  • 6 shoulder to overhead (push press or jerk)
  • For the kettlebell, use a weight you can move quickly and allows you to complete everything unbroken (don’t need to break up the sets of 6 high-pulls and 8 swings). Recommend weight is 16-24 kg, scale that accordingly to your fitness level.
  • For the barbell, choose a weight you can complete each round smoothly and “unbroken”, or without putting the bar down. I used 75 lbs. Recommend weight is 55-95 lbs., scale according to your fitness level.

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