This 25-minute EMOM burpee and kettlebell EMOM workout can be done anytime anywhere with 1 kettlebell and a bit of space. The goal is to accumulate as many burpees as possible. Let’s go!

Table of Contents

Suggested Warm-up

Complete your own warm-up or try this one to prepare for the workout.

Complete 3 rounds:

  • 20 jumping jacks
  • 5 inchworms into upward dog stretch
  • 10 reverse lunges with overhead reach
  • 20 high knees running in place
  • 10 glute bridges

Followed by:

Workout Details

Complete the following, every minute on the minute for 25 minutes (5 rounds):

  1. 25 bodyweight squats
  2. 12 push-ups
  3. 25 Russian kettlebell swings (to eye level)
  4. Max effort burpees (as many as possible – go hard!)
  5. Rest

How it Works: Start a timer and complete 25 bodyweight squats, then rest until 1:00. At 1:00, do 15 push-up then rest until 2:00. At 2:00, do the 25 kettlebell swings then rest until 3:00. At 3:00, complete as many burpees as possible in 1 minute. At 4:00, rest for the full minute before starting back on the squats. Repeat for 5 rounds or 25 minutes total.

Workout Tips

  • Recommend weight. 16 kg kettlebell for ladies and a 24 kg kettlebell for men. Choose a weight that allows you to complete the 25 reps in one set.
  • No kettlebell? If you don’t have a kettlebell, you can use 1 dumbbell. Hold it with two hands stacked on the handle and swing. Recommended: 35 lb dumbbell for ladies and a 50 lb dumbbell for men.
  • Barbell version. Instead of kettlebell or dumbbell swings, do 20 deadlifts with a relatively light weight, such as 65 lbs for ladies and 95 lbs. for men.
  • Reps. You should be getting some rest after the squats, push-ups, and swings, so adjust the reps accordingly to allow for this. Each movement should be completed quickly, without rest, aside from the push-ups, which you may break into 2 quick sets if needed.
  • Push-ups. If 12 push-ups are taking the full minute, scale the reps back to 8-10 reps. If you’re good at push-ups, increase the reps to 15-20. They get tough paired with the burpees!
  • Go hard! For the burpees, you should be going as fast as possible with good form, with the goal of getting as many as you can. Maintain good form: chest hits the ground and hips are extended when you jump at the top.
  • Advanced athletes. Try 20 goblet squats with the kettlebell instead of 25 bodyweight squats and increase the push-ups to 20 reps.

Don’t forget to post your score to the comment section below! I got 89 burpees.
How many can you get??

Beginner Version

Complete 3-4 rounds following the same format as above:

  1. 15-20 bodyweight squats or squats to a chair or bench
  2. 10-12 push-ups from knees or to a box or bench
  3. 15-20 Russian kettlebell swings (to eye level)
  4. Max effort burpees (as many as possible)
  5. Rest

For the kettlebell swings, use a 12-16 kg kettlebell. You should be able to complete all of them in one set.

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