I have a really fun Crossfit-style circuit for you today. You don’t need much equipment, just a step or box for the burpee box jumps and a weight plate for the overhead lunges.

Full Body Conditioning Workout Exercises

  1. Burpee box jumps. I love burpee box jumps. They challenge the whole body from head-to-toe plus they really get your heart pumping! To perform 1 burpee box jump, do one burpee then instead of a jump at the top, jump onto a box or bench before stepping down and going right into the next burpee.
  2. Push Ups. Challenge yourself to do full pushups if you can, you can break them into 3 sets of 5 with minimal rest or do 8 and 7. If you can do the full set without resting. If you don’t have full pushups, go from your knees or do them on a bench.
  3. Overhead walking lunges. Overhead lunges are an amazing total-body workout, they challenge your balance and core muscles, and both your upper and lower body. To do them, hold a barbell or weight plate straight over your head while performing walking lunges.
  4. Sit ups. The classic sit up. You can cross your arms over your chest, hold your hands by your ears with elbows out of if you want to make it more difficult, hold a medicine ball, weight plate or dumbbell on your chest. Try to perform all 25 sit ups as fast as you can with good form without resting.

Full Body Conditioning Workout

Move through 4 rounds of this workout as quickly as possible with minimal rest while maintaining good form. If you’re a beginner, start with 2-3 rounds, if you’re more advanced feel free to tack a few extra rounds and make it 5 or 6! I used a step with 5 risers for the burpees and a 35 weight plate for the overhead lunges. I took me just over 22 minutes to finish. Have fun!

Workout Details

Complete 4 rounds for time:

  • 10 burpee box jump
  • 15 push-ups
  • 20 overhead walking lunges
  • 25 sit-ups

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Full Body Conditioning Workout | a challenging CrossFit-Style WOD