Sometimes you just need a good, long EMOM workout and this 60 minute EMOM is just that. This workout features 5 classic exercises that will work your entire body and build aerobic endurance. Settle in for a full-hour and get ready to sweat!

Instructions for a 60 minute EMOM workout.

Table of Contents

Workout Details

Perform the following, every minute on the minute for 60 minutes:

  1. 20 American Kettlebell Swings
  2. 15 Box Jumps
  3. 12 Burpees
  4. 15 Wall Balls
  5. 12 calorie Row
  6. Rest

Since there are 6 stations, you’ll be doing a total of 10 rounds. Yep, 200 kettlebell swings, 120 burpees, 150 box jumps and wall balls and a whole lot of rowing.

To clarify, start a timer and complete 20 kettlebell swings, rest until the timer reaches 1 minute, complete the box jumps, rest until 2 minutes, complete the burpees etc. On the 6th minute, take a full-minute of rest then start back on the kettlebell swings on minute 7. Repeat for up to an hour. Have fun!

Workout Notes

  • Suggested weight for the kettlebell swings is 16 kg for ladies and 24 kg for men. These got pretty tough at the end! Scale the weight as needed or only go to eye height instead of overhead.
  • If you don’t have a medicine ball and spot to perform wall balls, do weight plate ground-to-overheads using a 15 lb plate for women and 25 lb for men.
  • Don’t have time for the full-hour? Scale back as needed. This works for 4 rounds/24 minutes, 5 rounds/30 minutes, 6 rounds/36 minutes etc.
  • For an added challenge, bump the row to 15 calories, to scale it, reduce it to 10 calories.

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