This EMOM workout is a lot of fun and extra, extra sweaty! If you’re feeling a long, just-the-right-amount of work EMOM that will leave you dripping, this one is perfect. Today we’ve got cardio, push ups, jump squats, abs and heavy kettlebell swings and you’re going to do a whopping 9 rounds of it. Get ready to work, guys.

Infographic describing the details for a 45-minute EMOM workout.

EMOM Details

To do this EMOM workout, start a timer and perform 15 kettlebell swings. Once complete, rest until the timer hits 1 minute, then perform 15 push-ups, rest until the timer hits 2 minutes, then do the v-ups and then the jump squats. On the 5th minute, hop on a piece of cardio equipment or skip for 60 seconds straight before going right into the second round by starting back at the kettlebell swings. Continue for 45 minutes.

  1. 15 heavy kettlebell swings (I used 24 kg)
  2. 15 push-ups
  3. 15 v-ups
  4. 15 jump squats – as high as possible!
  5. 1 min easy to moderate effort cardio (assault bike, spin bike, rowing machine or skipping, alternate if you want!)

Scaling this Workout

This workout is easy to scale to your fitness level. You can:

  • Use a lighter weight for the kettlebell swings
  • Do push-ups from your knees or a box.
  • Do sit-ups instead of v-ups.
  • Do air squats instead of jump squats (or make it harder by adding a barbell)
  • Reduce the time. Try it 20 minutes (4 rounds), 30 minutes (6 rounds) or whatever you have time for.
  • Reduce the reps of any movement, however, I’d recommend keeping the reps where they are and adjusting the movement.

Equipment Needed

  • 1 kettlebell @ something heavy for you. I used 24 kg.
  • 1 piece or cardio equipment or a skipping rope.

If you don’t have access to a skipping rope or cardio machine, you could sub burpees, jumping jacks,

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