This collection of the best plant-based slow cooker recipes will have you using your crockpot for healthy meals all season long.

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Slow Cooker Meal Prep

These plant-based recipes are delicious, hearty, healthy and make quick work of meal prep. I love using my crockpot for meal prep so I can have one recipe cooking and out of the way while I prepare other dishes.

The slow cooker is great for batch cooking and works well for freezer-friendly meals like soups, stews and chili.

Here are some ways to use your slow cooker for meal prep and batch cooking:

  1. Make a big batch of oatmeal or steel cut oats and enjoy all week.
  2. Make soups, stews and chili and freeze in portions or enjoy all week.
  3. Make versatile recipes like beans and lentils that can be used in bowls, tacos, wraps and salads.
  4. Make a big batch of sweet potato or squash that can be used for healthy breakfasts, buddha bowls and snacks.
  5. Have a family to feed? Pop a batch of slow cooker oatmeal or steel cut oats in the slow cooker and cook overnight to wake up to a warm and healthy breakfast.

If you’re freezing any of the recipes just be sure to let them cool completely before placing in the freezer.

Best Plant-Based Slow Cooker Recipes

These simple, healthy, plant-based slow cooker recipes are the perfect solution to Fall and Winter meals but most are perfect to enjoy year round. From breakfast to dinner and even sides and drinks, you will love this selection.

All of the recipes are vegan, gluten-free, refined sugar-free and plant-based. Most of the are oil-free and if not, can be made oil-free. I chose all the recipes personally based off the ingredient lists and reviews. I hope you enjoy them!

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