This 32-minute skipping and burpee EMOM features 4 movements, performed for 8 rounds. All you need for this workout is a skipping rope and a dumbbell.

Workout instructions for a 32 minute dumbell and skipping emom workout.

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Workout Details

This workout is performed EMOM-style, or every minute on the minute. To do this, start a timer and kick things off with the 16 dumbbell clean and jerks, then rest until the timer reaches 1 minute.

At 1:00, skip for 1 minute, then move right into the burpees at 2:00. Once you’re done the burpees, rest until 3:00 and finish with the 20 jumping lunges. This is one round. Continue this pattern for 32 minutes, or 8 total rounds.

Perform the following, every minute on the minute, for 32 minutes:

Workout Notes

  • I used a 35 lb. dumbbell for the hang clean and jerks. Choose a weight that allows you to complete the 16 reps “unbroken”, or without resting until all reps are completed. Click here for a video description of this movement.
  • If you’re not able to do jumping lunges, do reverse lunges at bodyweight or hold the dumbbell in a goblet position.
  • Don’t have 32 minutes. Try 16, 20 or 24 minutes.
  • If you’re struggling to complete the specified reps, reduce the cleans to 12-14 reps and/or the burpees to 8-10.
  • This workout is great for holidays when you have limited equipment available. Bring your skipping rope, hit the hotel gym and get to work!

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