This cardio and strength circuit training workout will build your all-around fitness, improve strength and increase your stamina. You don’t need much to complete this workout, it could even be done outside if you can measure out a 400 m route. Otherwise, it can be done in the gym with just a few pieces of equipment.

Cardio and Strength Circuit Training Workout

For this workout you will need 1 kettlebell for the swings, if you don’t have a kettlebell feel free to use a dumbbell. You’ll need a plyometric box, bench or step with risers for the box jumps and a dumbbell or kettlebell for the walking goblet lunges.

I ran the 400 m repeats on the treadmill at 8.0 mph so they took just under 2 minutes each. I know I could have run them a little faster so I’m going to do this workout again next week and run them at 8.5 mph. You should be pretty wiped by the end of each 400 m run. The tough part comes when you hop right back into the strength training circuit.

Workout Details

Complete 3 Rounds:

  • 400 m run
  • 20 kettlebell swings
  • 400 m run
  • 20 box jumps
  • 400 m run
  • 20 goblet walking lunges
  • 400 m run
  • 20 air squats

Scale As Needed

If you’re not ready for 3 rounds just start with 1 or 2 and build up from there. Choose your weights accordingly. You can also reduce the number of reps if needed if you’re just starting out or limited for time.

The goal is to complete this as fast as possible so move quickly between exercises just resting as needed.

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Cardio and Strength Circuit Training Workout for Total Body Conditioning