To complete this core circuit workout, all you will need is a stability ball. These exercises challenge the abdominal and core muscles from all angles. Plus the plank, stability ball knee tuck and elbow-to-knees also work the shoulders, triceps and chest muscles.

Core Circuit Workout

Work through the circuit with minimal rest, then rest 60 seconds between rounds.

Repeat the following circuit 3 to 4 times.

  1. 60 x Seconds Plank
  2. 20 x Russian Twists with Weight Plate (Beginners should use a 10 lbs plate, advanced should use a 25 lbs plate or heavier)
  3. 20 x V-Ups
  4. 15 x Stability Ball Knee Tuck
  5. 10 x per side Knee-to-Elbow High-Plank

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Total Core Circuit Workout