To complete this core circuit workout, all you will need is a stability ball. These exercises challenge the abdominal and core muscles from all angles. Plus the plank, stability ball knee tuck and elbow-to-knees also work the shoulders, triceps and chest muscles.

Table of Contents

Core Circuit Workout

Work through the circuit with minimal rest, then rest 60 seconds between rounds.

Repeat the following circuit 3 to 4 times.

  1. 60 x Seconds Plank
  2. 20 x Russian Twists with Weight Plate (Beginners should use a 10 lbs plate, advanced should use a 25 lbs plate or heavier)
  3. 20 x V-Ups
  4. 15 x Stability Ball Knee Tuck
  5. 10 x per side Knee-to-Elbow High-Plank

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Total Core Circuit Workout