This leg strength and cardio workout is all about building endurance in the legs and glutes! All you need for this workout is a box or bench and somewhere to run.

Workout Details

Love cardio and bodyweight workouts? Then this workout is for you! This workout is perfect for travelling since all you need is a box or bench and a place to run. You’ll be alternating between cardio and a lower body bodyweight exercise.

The goal is to move through this entire workout with little rest. Just try to keep moving. Here’s how it looks:

Complete 3 Rounds:

  1. 400 m (0.25 mile) run
  2. 50 steps up
  3. 400 m run
  4. 50 walking lunges
  5. 400 m run
  6. 50 air squats

Workout Notes

  • If you don’t have space for walking lunges, do reverse lunges.
  • The 400 m runs should be done at a moderate pace. The pace should feel a bit uncomfortable but something you could maintain for a while.
  • Use an approximately 20 inch bench or box for the step ups. Complete 50 in total, 25 per leg. Alternate legs whenever you want.
  • Not ready for 3 rounds? Try just 1 or 2!
  • The workout can also be scaled by reducing the reps of step ups, lunges and squats to 20-30.

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Workout details for a leg strength cardio workout.