Nanaimo Bars

let's make vegan


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These stunning dairy-free Nanaimo Bars are fun to make and even more fun eat! These are a must for Christmas.

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Nanaimo Bars are a 3-layer no-bake dessert named after the Canadian city of Nanaimo.

They consist of a chocolate coconut crust, custard icing and chocolate ganache. 

• vegan (no egg or dairy) • tastes like the classic! • no-cooking or baking • perfect for Christmas • freezer-friendly • gluten-free


step 1

blend the cocoa powder, dates, coconut and walnuts

step 2

firmly press the mixture into a loaf pan to form the crust

step 3

blend the cashews, coconut milk, maple syrup, turmeric and coconut oil until creamy

a pinch of turmeric is used for color!

step 4

pour the custard over the crust and freeze until firm

step 5

prepare the chocolate ganache by melting the chocolate with a little butter

the butter is optional but makes the chocolate a little softer and prevents cracking

step 6

pour the melted chocolate over the custard and freeze until hardened (it won't take long)

step 7

remove the bars from the pan, heat a knife, score then carefully slice into bars

Enjoy your delicious homemade Nanaimo Bars!

These are so amazing! I could eat the whole batch in one sitting.

This recipe is a winner. We love eating them straight out of the freezer! I originally made them as a Christmas treat but I know I’ll be making them year round.

Swipe up to view the complete recipe. Enjoy!

Swipe up to view the complete recipe. Enjoy!