best lentil shepherd's pie

Fantastic! Made this for a family meal and we all loved it. Actually going to make it again for Christmas! Thank you for the recipe!

-vegan, can be gluten-free -healthy vegetarian main dish  -family & budget-friendly -easy to make in advance


what you'll need

recipe flow

1. Cook the lentils. 2. Cook the veggie filling. 3. Make the mashed potatoes. 4. Layer the filling and potatoes in a dish. 5. Bake and enjoy!

step 1

cook the lentils according to package instructions (this will take 15-20 minutes)

step 2

make the mashed potatoes (swipe up for full instructions)

step 3

while the potatoes are cooking, start cooking the veggie filling

step 4

add the peas, corn and cooked lentils to the veggie mixture

step 5

add the veggie filling to a baking dish

step 6

top the filling with the mashed potatoes

bake for 30 minutes, let cool briefly then enjoy!