Quick & Easy Tempeh Tacos

let's make

These tacos are easy to make for a vegetarian taco night the whole family will enjoy!

Vegan & Gluten-Free Recipe


This was my first time cooking tempeh so I wasn't sure but these were really good and super easy to make!

what is tempeh?

Tempeh is similar to tofu but comes in a firm block made from pressed fermented whole soybeans and is a delicious, nutritious and versatile source of plant-based protein.

what you'll need:

Saute the tempeh, bell pepper and onion.


Add all the seasonings and cook a few more minutes.


Add water and tamari and cook a few more minutes until thickened.


Assemble your tacos and enjoy!


Really good! We're trying to do more vegetarian meals and these were still really hearty and "meaty" so we didn't miss anything. 

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