vegan cauliflower fried rice

• quick and easy recipe • vegan, gluten-free • low in fat and carbs • easy to customize • tastes amazing!


sesame oil garlic carrot cauliflower green onions peas corn soy sauce or tamari

step 1

use a grater or food processor to rice the cauliflower

step 2

heat the sesame oil then saute the  garlic for 1-2 min

step 3

add the carrots and cook for a few more minutes

step 4

add the rest of  ingredients and cook for about 10 minutes

it's ready!

enjoy for a quick & easy meal

I love traditional fried rice and I was skeptical of replacing the rice with cauliflower, but all my fears were erased as soon as I tried this! This recipe is delicious and also incredibly filling. Definitely one of my new go-to recipes!