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lentil shepherd's pie


6 plant-based meal prep recipes you have to try

meal prep methods

You can either prep full meals or individual items like sauces, grains and roasted vegetables that you can mix and match throughout the week. Even an hour of prep can make a world of difference in your week.

Meal prep can save time & money, prevent food waste and help you make healthy choices.


lentil shepherd's pie

This vegan lentil shepherd’s pie is the ultimate plant-based comfort food and makes a great choice for meal prep.


chickpea loaf

This chickpea meatloaf is easy to make, full of flavour and reheats wonderfully for healthy meals all week.


butternut squash curry

This Thai-inspired butternut squash curry with chickpeas only gets better with time so it's perfect to make in advance.


lemon garlic orzo

This lemon garlic orzo with roasted vegetables is perfect on its own or paired with a meal prepped protein.


quinoa power bowls

These quinoa power bowls with kale, chickpeas, avocado and maple dijon dressing are easy to make and perfect for meal prep!


peanut tofu bowls

These peanut tofu bowls with rice and vegetables are perfect for an easy and delicious meal prep option.

more meal prep ideas

Ready for more? Soups, curries and bowls are great for meal prep too. It can help to prep a few healthy snacks too - check out more ideas below.

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