I’ve found I consistently use these tools to help me manage and monitor social media, keep track of post ideas and save important articles and information I want to read again or share on my blog. Even better, these tools and apps to help grow your blog are all free!

Tools and Apps to Help Grow Your Blog

Tools to Help Grow Your Blog

Try these great tools to make your life easier, grow your social media accounts and in turn drive traffic to your blog.

1. Feedly

I use Feedly as a content reader to keep up to date with all my favourite blogs. I like it because it integrates with Twitter, Buffer and other social media platforms for easy sharing, you can organize sites by category as well as save content for later. I just use the free option, but the premium option offers even further features and integration options.

Although reading and commenting on my fellow bloggers posts is important to me, if I don’t have a quick and easy way to see all their new content, I often forget to visit some of my favourite sites. Feedly makes it easy to check in for a few minutes each day and see what’s new around the web. It’s also a great way to discover new content and blogs.

2. Buffer 

Buffer is social media scheduling app that allows you to schedule content at pre-determined times. I love it because it’s very easy to use and has a handy extension that allows to you add content to your queue from any webpage. You can also send content out to multiple platforms with one click. Even better, I can use it directly in Twitter, it has a mobile app and it integrates with Feedly.

I love Hootsuite for it’s monitoring capabilities but Buffer is excellent for on-the-go, impromptu scheduling. I try to top up my queue each morning before I go to work so my social media accounts are always stocked up with good content for the day.

Tools and Apps to Help Grow Your Blog

3. Hootsuite 

Hootsuite is a powerful social media management tool that I’m sure most of you have heard of. I primarily use it for monitoring Twitter, but you can do a lot more with it. I make streams from specific keywords I want to follow and use Twitter lists to keep track of certain groups and topics. I also like to use Hootsuite for scheduling content for specific times and dates, rather than Buffer which sends out content at set intervals each day.

If I simply scrolled Twitter each day I would miss out on so much. Hootsuite allows me to narrow it down, stay in the loop and get right to the good stuff. In a noisy social media world inundated by content, it’s absolutely key to focus on your interests to stay productive. Hootsuite helps me stick to the content and information that’s useful to me. You can also upgrade to the premium version for just $10 a month for even more great features.

4. Pocket

Pocket is a handy bookmarking tool that works across your desktop and mobile device. I use it for keeping tracking of links and articles I want to read again later, refer back to or share on my blog. I like that it has a browser extension for quickly saving and organizing links. I find it’s very useful for researching blog posts or collecting articles I want to share in round-up posts.

5. Evernote

I use Evernote to keep track of blog post ideas, to write on the go and just jot things down I don’t want to forget. I find it handy because it syncs across desktop and mobile with both a website and app so I can access it anywhere. If I don’t write my ideas down, I tend to forget them so I try to take quick notes for blog posts whenever I think of them.

You can also add in photos, make lists and set reminders. I also like how you can organize your notes by tags and notebooks and search for anything. Try using it to jot down rough points for blog posts as they come to you, that way when the time comes to write them, your job is that much easier.

Tools and Apps to Help Grow Your Blog

6. Todoist

Todoist is a quick an easy to-do list app that syncs to your desktop. I use it for quick reminders when I’m out and about and things pop into my head. There are a lot of good to-do list apps out there but I like Todoist for quick, everyday reminders and to-dos. My daily top 3 and bigger, more important tasks get pen and paper.

7. Pomodoro Timer

I use the Pomodoro technique by the timer at Tomato Timer. Pomodoro technique is a simple productivity hacks that consists of 25 minutes of work followed by a 5-minute break. I find it extremely effective when I need to get writing done. I just focus for 25 minutes knowing that I get a 5-minute break soon. I use it often and it really helps me get a lot done, especially when I feel procrastination creeping in.

It’s also a great way to make sure you’re getting some movement very 25 minutes.

8. Pocketcasts

I try to listen to at least a few podcasts a week to get inspired and keep learning. I have an Android phone, so the Pocketcasts app is the solution to not having iTunes. If you’re on Apple, of course you have iTunes for access to podcasts. You can find my favourite podcasts here.

9. Overdrive

I use Overdrive to take e-books out of the library. It’s important to never stop learning and by always having books on my phone, I’m always ready to read a few pages and get inspired, where ever I am. I haven’t figured out how to get the books on my Kobo yet though, so if anyone knows how to do that, let me know!

10. Upwork

If I need some quick coding or technical work done, I love using Upwork. I’ve been really happy with the 4 times I’ve used it for minor bug fixes and web development help. You can hire people from all over the world but I find sticking close to my own timezone to be the most convenient for communication.

13. Tailwind

An absolute must-have. Tailwind is everything when it comes to Pinterest. They have both free and paid versions and also offer the ability to schedule to Instagram.

14. Trello

I use Trello for my content calendar and I love how it keeps me organized. I have a board with lists such as Recipe Ideas, Published, Scheduled, Re-Shoots and more. I use a post-publish checklist to keep track of everything that needs to get done.

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