These one day meal plans are a way to great way to encourage, inspire and share ideas for healthy meals. I also feel that by sharing typical day of what I eat you may be surprised by how easy it is to follow a healthy diet. That being said, this is only what works for me, I’m not saying this is how you should eat by any means. There is no right or wrong way to eat, but it can be fun to share and learn about others eating habits. I hope these help point you in the right direction if you’re looking for how to create a days worth of plant-based meals.

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One Day Vegan Meal Plan

This weeks meal plan features hemp seed pesto over zucchini noodles, kale and cauliflower soup, roasted carrot hummus and veggies, chia seed pudding and chocolate chia seed energy bars.


This peanut butter and date chia seed pudding is one of my favourite chia pudding flavours. I mixed it up last night so I could grab it and go in the morning. I also took a smoothie made with frozen peach, a big handful of spinach, Vega protein and almond milk.

Peanut Butter Chia Seed Pudding with Dates - Vegan


These chocolate chia seed bars are one of the most popular energy bar recipes on the blog. They’re of my favourites and I often include them in my weekly food prep. I was hard to wait until snack time to eat this!


I made a batch of this hemp seed pesto on the weekend and also prepped a big batch of zucchini noodles, so my lunch came together in just a few minutes. I mixed them up with broccoli and peppers for a filling and healthy lunch. I love pesto and sometimes like to switch it up with different ingredients like hemp seeds.

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Raw Zucchini Noodles with Hemp Seed Pesto

Afternoon Snack

I made a batch of this roasted carrot hummus on the weekend for snacking this week. I took some to work with chopped mushrooms, bell peppers and broccoli. Hummus is such a great snack and a good way to sneak more veggie into your diet.

A bowl of roasted carrot hummus with a piece of celery dipped in it.

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This is one of my favourite soups. I made a batch for food prep on Sunday so I’ve been enjoying it all week.

Kale and Cauliflower Soup - Running on Real Food