For Todays blogging feature I’m touching on a few very, very simple Tips to Improve Your Blog for More Sponsored Work and Brand Partnerships.

Since I work on both sides of the blogging spectrum, I read a lot of blogs and I’m always on the look-out for new bloggers to work with. Being busy, as we all are, once I find a blogger I might be interested in contacting, if I don’t what I’m looking for in the first 20-30 seconds, I typically just move on.

You’d be amazed at how many bloggers are missing some, or all of these simple pieces to their sites. If you’re lacking some of these you might be missing out on great brand partnerships and not even know it!

Improve Your Blog for More Sponsored Work

1. Have an “About” page where you list your NAME and LOCATION.

I know this seems really obvious, but I’m constantly surprised by how many bloggers have neglected to list their name on their site. When I’d like to contact someone, I’d much rather approach them by their first name rather than “Hi, Blog Name!” Ya, awkward. I also don’t have time to go searching around for this information, so the easier it is to find, the better. Ideally, you name should be visible on the home page of your blog.

Having an About page where you list this pertinent information, is the way to go. If you’re worried about privacy, simply listing your first name and province or state should suffice. Personally, I list my name and the city I live in. You may also want to include a short blurb about yourself right at the top of the sidebar with your photo, in addition to your “About” page.

Here are a few good examples:
1. Pinch of Yum Sidebar About Blurb – with a link to read more about them on their “About” page
2. Against All Grain About Page – states name, current city and accolades
3. The Healthy Maven About Page – states name, current city and shows some personality

This tip isn’t just for PR either, I want to know the names of my fellow bloggers too! Do share and do make it obvious. People want to know the face behind your blog!

Quick Tips to Improve Your Blog for More Sponsored Work

2. Make your contact information easy to find, especially an email address.

This has been the cause of frustration many times for me when looking for bloggers to work with. There are so many great bloggers out there that haven’t made their contact information readily available. I would recommend adding a dedicated contact page to your site and making it a part of your main navigation menu.

It’s perfectly okay to include a form on your contact page, but you should also list an email address. If you’re worried about spam, you can spell out your email, for example: runningonrealfood (at) gmail (dot) com. Personally, I prefer to email someone directly rather than using a form, that way I have a record of the email and can add their email to my address book. You can easily add a contact form to your WordPress site by using a simple plug-in such as Contact Form 7.

I would also recommend adding your email address to your “About” page. The easier it is to contact you, the better!

3. Make your social media links visible and be active on the sites you’re listing.

Another important factor in making your blog attractive to marketers is to have your social media links front and centre. I would recommend putting them at the top your sidebar or the top of your page somewhere. That’s where people expect to find them, so it’s a great spot to have them. That being said, don’t list every social media platform out there, especially if you’re not active on those accounts. Brands will want to check how many followers you have, and more importantly how active you are on social media.

If you just use Facebook and Twitter for your blog, that’s totally fine, but just list those two and make sure you’re active on them. Don’t post a link to your Pinterest account if you haven’t updated it in months, or you’re not actively using it to promote your blog.

One very successful social media account is much better than a sparse Instagram feed and a neglected Facebook page.

Quick Tips to Improve Your Blog for More Sponsored Work

4. Have a media kit available.

A media kit is a simple sheet that acts much like a resume for your blog. You should include blog statistics such as unique visitors and page views, what your blog is about, reader demographics, all your contact information and your rates and options for working with you. I don’t have my media kit available on my site, but I have it ready upon request by email. I’ve made this information easy to find on my contact page.

Here are a few places to get you started:
1. How to Make a Media Kit That Rocks
2. Guide to Creating a Media Kit for your Blog
3. 20 Media Kit Examples for Inspiration

5. Have a Blog Partnership page.

Often labelled “Sponsor,” “Work With Me” or “Advertise,” a PR-dedicatd page is always handy for marketers coming to your blog. You can list any previous experience you’ve had working with brands, any press you’ve been a part of and a list of the services you offer, such as sponsored posts, advertising or product reviews.

This would also be a good place to include your media kit, either available for download or your contact information if someone wants to request one from you. As an alternative to a media kit, you might also want to include some social media and site statistics here.

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