I’ve been discovering so many amazing new blogs lately and I don’t think they’re all getting the recognition they deserve, so it’s time for another round-up of healthy vegan food blogs!

I’ve shared a number of collections of my favourite vegan blogs. You can check them all out here:

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20 Delicious and Healthy Vegan Food Blogs

All these lovely bloggers are sharing wonderful recipes, stunning photography and other fabulous content, so head on over to check them out and give them some love! Blogging takes a lot of work and fortunately all of these ladies are kind enough to share their incredible work with us. Plant-based eating has never been more accessible or more delicious. Enjoy.

1. The Vegan 8

I just discovered Brandi’s blog recently and I’m pretty much obsessed. No list of the best vegan food blogs would be complete without The Vegan 8. I lost way to much time procrastinating on her site last week, not that that’s a bad thing with recipes like Vanilla “Cheesecake” Ice Cream with Caramel Sauce and  6-Ingredient Chocolate Fudge Ice Cream Cups. Brandi, would it be weird if I said I love you?

2. Ascension Kitchen

Ascension Kitchen features the most beautiful collection of plant-based recipes that use whole food ingredients. A lot of the recipes are raw and Lauren also provides lots of information on sprouting, fermentation, gut health and more. A must follow for the beautiful photography, healthful recipes and wealth of information regarding a plant-based diet.

3. Vegan Family Recipes

Vegan Family Recipes by Vanessa features a wealth of healthy, vegan recipes from every category. It’s one of my go-to blogs for when I need a little dinner inspiration. Her recipes are simple, family-friendly and delicious. Definitely add it to your bookmarks!

4. The Colorful Kitchen

I’m completely in love The Colourful Kitchen by Ilene. Why, you may ask? 100% plant-based recipes, of course! It’s beautiful, healthy food for a happy mind, body and planet. I can’t stop perusing and ogling the gorgeous photos and nutritious recipes, all of which are inspiring me to get in the kitchen and whip up something vegan and delish. Check it out, asap.

5. Cupcakes and Kale

To many vegan recipes, too little time. Maybe Jess will cross Canada from Ontario to Vancouver and start cooking delicious vegan goodies at my house, that would be okay with me…if you’re reading, Jess…you can start with those Adzuki Brownie Bites.

6. Blissful Basil

Ashley seriously knows where’s it at when it comes to vegan eats. I mean, any blog with basil in the title just has to be amazing, doesn’t it? She lives up to the Blissful Basil name with beautiful photography and delicious recipes like Creamy Avocado, Artichoke and Kale Dip and Supremely Sassy Nachos. In fact, I think it’s time to take a break from writing this post and go make one of her recipes! Ashley, I’m a regular visitor and you certainly have one of the best vegan food blogs around, keep it up!

7. To Her Core

To Her Core is a beautiful, plant-based food blog by the lovely Dearna. I love her outlook on healthy eating and she shares a lot of her food philosophies in her posts along with tips, techniques and nutritional information. I love her posts on why she eats a plant-based diet and why she stopped eating sugar but aside from that her recipes are excellent with beautiful photography to accompany them.

8. Namely Marly

Marly can probably attest to how many times I’ve Tweeted out her recipes in the last few weeks. I can’t stop, I won’t stop. Yep, I just said that. But really, I can’t stop. And please Marly, don’t stop. The world needs your delicious vegan recipes.

9. Faring Well

A collection of wholesome, plant-based recipes, beautiful photographs and lovely writing by Jessie. One of my favourite pretty and healthy places to stop by for recipes and inspiration.

10. Sweet Simple Vegan

Sweet Simple Vegan is just that, sweet, simple and well, vegan. I’m totally in love with her Fully Raw Fruit Pizza and pretty much every other post on her beautiful blog. Head over to her site if you want to be inspired to eat healthful, wholesome real foods.

11. Produce on Parade

First of all, Katie and her adorable family live in Alaska, how cool is that?! Secondly, I love her writing, it’s honest and hilarious, and her blog tag is just perfect, “Alaskan Adventures Into Vegan Territory”  – isn’t that great? I also really love her photography (I hope this is getting creepy, Katie but honestly…stop being so awesome, would ya?) and I think I could go for weeks just making recipes from her very lovely vegan blog. I might start off with her Coconutty Cinnamon Roll Pancakes, or maybe this Sweet Potato Mac and Cheese…wait, maybe this Boozy Chocolate Ice Cream. Please don’t make me choose.

12. Unconventional Baker

As far as I’m concerned one of the absolute best vegan blogs out there, packed with incredible, creative, beautiful plant-based recipes.

13. Leafy Cauldron

Leafy Cauldron might just be your vegan go-to for summer BBQ recipes. Check out her Chipotle Lime Potato Salad and these must-make, incredible Classic Italian Sausages.

14. Nutriciously

Not only will you find amazingly delicious and healthy recipes but you’ll also get access to their free ecourse and tons of excellent resources to help you live a healthier and more compassionate lifestyle.

15. Well and Full

I could browse the beautiful, healthy, simple plant-based recipes on Well and Full  all day long. If I need a little nutritious meal inspiration, I know I’ll find it on Sarah’s lovely blog. The photographs are gorgeous and you can feel Sarah’s passion for nutrition coming through her writing.

 16. Heart of a Baker

Abby from the Heart of a Baker aims to surprise her readers with how delicious and accessible vegan food can be, which I love. Eating a plant-based diet doesn’t have to be a daunting endeavour, it’s actually quite simple, so head on over and let Abby help you along the way.

17. Sunday Morning Banana Pancakes

Drool, drool, drooool. Heather loves sharing how amazing vegan food can be and trust me, she’s doing a good job. Beautiful photographs accompany delicious vegan recipes like Almond Sea Salt Chocolate Chunk Cookies and Falafel Veggie Burgers.

18. Well Vegan

Bookmark this page for enough amazing vegan recipes to last a lifetime. I know I’ll be cooking my way through 1, or 2, or ALL of the recipes on the Well Vegan recipe page. Katie says there’s never been a better, or tastier, time to be a vegan and she’s absolutely right.

19. The Conscientious Eater

You’ll find a wonderful selection of practical, creative, healthy, vegan recipes shared by Faith on The Conscientious Eater. I’ve got my eyes on these Vegan Chili Loaded Sweet Potato Fries, among pretty much everything else. You could definitely plan a weeks worth of meals just from her site alone!

20. Simple Vegan Blog

Simple Vegan Blog is one of my favourite sites for, you guessed it, simple vegan recipes! The team behind the blog share delicious, vegan and gluten-free recipes that are easy to make and beautiful to look at.

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