Guest Post by Matthew Macey

Many Boomers grew up in an era of  meat, potatoes and greasy food. The word nutrition meant almost the opposite of what it does today. We all survived this 50’s and 60’s ideals of good food.  There was also no shortage of diet fads or exercise gimmicks.  Every male my age remembers the Charles Atlas ads, and of course, Jack Lalanne. Every generation had weight loss fads, just like we do today.

Marketing has not changed and stays with what works to gain a share of the weight loss pie (yes, pun was intended!) The world of the quick fixes and miracle overnight results continues to grow, and we just keep spending and hoping.

However, one method does work and will keep you healthy. It is the simplest and the cheapest, and for us Boomers, the rewards are more time to spend in healthy retirement. Want to know the secret?

Eat a little less, lots of greens (which translates to all the colours you can find!) and most critical exercise everyday. A brisk walk is just fine to start! Most of all we need to educate ourselves and re-think the word nutrition. An inspiring way to learn about foods, nutrition and exercise is to be a faithful reader of the blog Running on Real Food.

Just for the record, Deryn is my daughter, she has re-educated most of us Boomers in the family and has seen the results in real world terms. One last reminder to those 40 and under: keep working hard and paying your taxes, we Boomers plan to stay a while!


Guest Post on Running on Real Food: A Boomer's Perspective on Health and Fitness

Thanks for the lovely post Dad! I sure hope you plan to stay a while! I agree that education will be one of the most important pieces in changing how we eat and how we define nutrition. I hope with more education society can begin to change for the better and disrupt the skewed ideas of healthy eating that have been so ingrained in our culture over the last few decades. I could go on and on about this topic, so I’m going to leave it there for today! Thanks for reading everyone, enjoy the rest of your weekend! 

xo -Deryn