I’ve shared a few lists of the best vegan food blogs but I created them a few years ago so I thought it was about time for a new edition. I come across so many fabulous blogs for healthy vegan recipes when I’m meal planning or just browsing Pinterest. Over the last few months I marked them down so I can share them with you today!

Vegan Blogs You Haven’t Heard of…Yet

This list doesn’t include some of the big names in vegan food blogging such as Oh She Glows, Minimalist Baker, Vegan Richa, My New Roots and Keepin’ it Kind because I think we’ve all heard of them by now and I’ve already included in my original vegan blog posts. They’ve all got amazing cookbooks out and they all still continue to share incredible free content with us.

I own all their books, use them often and would recommend adding them to your collection. I love their blogs along with the all the others I included in my first two posts of vegan food blogs. You can find the links to my other vegan food blog round-ups at the end of this post.

This third instalment of vegan food blogs includes some names you may not have heard of yet! Many of them are already well-known while some are hidden gems. Whether these blogs are new to you or old favourites, they’re all fantastic sources for healthy and practical vegan recipes.

I’ve included 2 practical plant-based recipes from each blog that are a great place to get started!

30 Blogs for Healthy Vegan Recipes

1. I Love Vegan
Start here: Scrambled Tofu Breakfast Bowl | Red Coconut Curry Soup

2. Veggies Don’t Bite
Try these recipes: Zucchini Ravioli (Pictured Below)| Apple Pecan Oat Crumble

24 Best Blogs for Healthy Vegan Recipes

3. Hot for Food
So many options: Easy Ramen Noodle Bowl | Lentil Chili Cheese Nachos

4. The Plant Philosophy

5. Simple Vegan Blog
Start here: Vegan Sloppy Joes (Pictured Below) | 5-Ingredient Oatmeal Cookies

24 Best Blogs for Healthy Vegan Recipes

6. Feasting on Fruit
Try these recipes: Fudge Brownie Oatmeal | Chunky Oatmeal Ginger Cookies

7. Lazy Cat Kitchen
Get cooking: Gluten-Free Porridge | Moroccan Chickpea Stew

9. The Glowing Fridge
Try these recipes: Crunchy Thai Noodle Salad (Pictured Below) | Roasted Sweet Potato Crumble

24 Best Blogs for Healthy Vegan Recipes

9. Vegan in the Freezer
Vegan goodness: Chunky Cauliflower Soup | Apple Broccoli Salad

10. Vegan Family Recipes
Get in the kitchen: Coconut Beet Patties | Puffed Quinoa Protein Balls

11. Vegan Heaven
Where to start: Hummus Pizza with Veggies | Veggie One-Pot Spaghetti (Pictured Below)

24 Best Blogs for Healthy Vegan Recipes

12. Veggie Inspired
Get cooking: Black Bean Taco Salad | Coconut Curry Soup 

13. Sweet Potato Soul
Try these recipes: Everyday Buddha Bowl | Jerk Jackfruit Tacos

14. The Full Helping
Start here: Pumpkin Chickpea Curry (Pictured Below)| Caramel Cinnamon Crispy Treats

24 Best Blogs for Healthy Vegan Recipes

15. The Viet Vegan
Start here: Almond Crusted Baked Eggplant | Slow Cooker Vegetable Broth

16. Fat-Free Vegan Kitchen
Give it a go: Baked Portobello Fries | Curried Kale and Chickpeas

17. Oh, Ladycakes
Recipes to try: Baked Falafel Bowls (Pictured Below)| PB Coconut Protein Balls

24 Best Blogs for Healthy Vegan Recipes

18. Veg Kitchen
Get cooking with: Raspberry Chia Breakfast Bowls | Vegan Bean Burritos

19. The Colorful Kitchen
Recipes to try: Cauliflower Mac n’ Cheese | Carrot Cake Oatmeal

20. Healthier Steps
Start here: Veggie Lentil Loaf | General Tso Cauliflower

21. Olives for Dinner
Start here: Roasted Balsamic Beets and Rutabaga | Tahini Butter Chocolate Cups

22. The Conscientious Eater
Get in the kitchen: Lemon Coconut Cookies (Pictured Below)| Simple Lemon Couscous Salad

24 Best Blogs for Healthy Vegan Recipes

23. Happy Hearted Kitchen
So much yum: Salted Almond Caramel Slice | Kale, Apple, Cabbage Slaw

24. Vegan Miam
Get started: Creamy Chickpea Mash | Curried Lentil Squash Stew

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