This list of the best vegan restaurants in Toronto features all the best vegan and vegetarian food you can find in the city. Whether it’s an upscale dinner at Planta, vegan comfort food at Doomie’s or a healthy lunch at Live Organic Food Bar, the Toronto vegan food scene does not disappoint. 

The Best Options for Vegan Food in Toronto - Running on Real Food

Best Things to do in Toronto from Running on Real Food

Where to Eat Vegan in Toronto

Vegan Food for Every Mood

Before we get into the full list of the best vegan restaurants in Toronto, I’ll share this quick categorized list of vegan options based on what you’re looking. I’m most often looking for a quick and healthy lunch or dinner, so I’ve listed that below along with the best spots for vegan breakfasts, smoothies, desserts, upscale dining and comfort food.

In addition to this list, I found that almost all coffee shops, restaurants and bakeries have vegetarian if not vegan offerings. You’ll have no problem eating your way around Toronto whether you’re eating a full plant-based or omni restaurants and when in doubt, there are taco joints everywhere.

Best Healthy Vegan Lunch and Dinner Options in Toronto

Best for Quick Healthy Lunches

  • Urban Herbivore, Downtown and Kensington. Deli-style salads, bowls, soups and sandwiches (one of my favourites).
  • Fresh, Various Locations. For bowls, salads, smoothies, burgers and sandwiches.
  • Kupfert and Kim, Various Locations. Salads, bowls, treats, breakfasts, smoothies and snacks.
  • The Goods, Dundas West. Takeout salads and smoothies.
  • AAmazing Salads, Kensington Market. Takeout salads, wraps and bowls, limited seating.
  • Veggie D’Light, Kensington Market. Takeout healthy bowls, limited seating.
  • Ital Vital, Kensington Market. Hearty, home cooked Caribbean takeout, limited seating.
  • Veghead, Dundas West. Healthy salads, soups and smoothies.
  • Yamchops, College West. Vegan deli offerings.
  • Bolt Fresh Bar, Queen St. West. Salads, grain bowls and smoothie bowls.
  • Revitasize, Yorkville. Takeout salads and smoothie bowls
  • IQ Food Co, 2 Downtown Locations. Bowls, smoothies and soups.

Best for Upscale Dining and Sit-Down Dinner

  • Planta, Yorkville. Creative, internationally-inspired dishes.
  • Rosalinda, Financial District. Mexican cuisine.

Best Vegan Desserts in Toronto - Running on Real Food
Baby vegan cinnamon bun at Bunner's Bake Shop in Toronto's Kensington Market.

Best for Desserts and Ice Cream

  • Hibiscus, Kensington Market. Vegan ice cream.
  • Cosmic Treats, Kensington Market. Vegan ice cream, cakes and vegan baked goods.
  • Bunner’s Bake Shop, Kensington Market. Vegan baked goods such as donuts, cinnamon buns, cookies and muffins.
  • Urban Herbivore, Kensington Market and Downtown. Vegan cupcakes and other baked goods.
  • Tori’s Bakeshop, East Side. Vegan baked goods including cupcakes and donuts.
  • Through Being Cool, Bloor and Landsdowne. Vegan baking including cupcakes, donuts and pastries
  • Eva’s Original Chimney’s, The Annex. Vegan soft serve ice cream in a donut cone.
  • Sweet Jesus, Various Locations. Vegan ice cream.
  • Almond Butterfly, Little Italy. Vegan and gluten-free baked goods.
  • Apiecalypse Now, Bloor St. at Christie Pits. Vegan donuts and other treats
  • Bloomer’s, Bloor at Ossington. Vegan donuts and baked goods.
  • Sweet Hart Kitchen. Amazing vegan baked goods such as pies, tarts, squares and more,
  • Bang Bang Ice Cream and Bakery, Ossington. Vegan ice cream sandwiches.
  • Live Organic Food Bar, Spadina and Dupont. Raw vegan cakes and treats like fudge, bars and more. Some ready to-go options in the fridge at the front.

Best Smoothies in Toronto

Best for Smoothies and Juices

  • Fresh, Various Locations. Fresh juices, smoothies, superfood lattes, matcha and tonics.
  • Kupfert and Kim, Various Locations. Smoothies, smoothie bowls and juices.
  • Fuel+, Church at Wellesley. Smoothies, organic coffee, smoothie bowls, juices, kombucha.
  • Bolt Fresh Bar, Yorkville. Smoothies and juices.
  • IQ Food Co., 2 Downtown Locations. Smoothies, coffee and juices.
  • The Organic Press, Kensington. Smoothies, raw treats and juices.

Best Healthy Vegan Food in Toronto | Running on Real Food City Guides

Best for Vegan Breakfast

  • Hello123, Queen St. West. Vegan brunch, served every day.
  • Mythology Diner. Vegan brunch, weekends from 10 am
  • Planta, Yorkville. Vegan brunch, Sundays from 10:30 am
  • Kupfert and Kim, Various Locations. Quick, casual granola, waffles, oatmeal and smoothies, opens early.
  • Almond Butterfly, Little Italy. Quick, gluten-free vegan bagels, breakfast sandwiches, baked goods and coffee.
  • IQ Food Co., 2 Locations Downtown. Quick, healthy breakfast such as oats, avocado toast and smoothies.
  • Karine’s. Food court-style hearty, vegan breakfasts.

Best Vegan Comfort Food in Toronto

Best Vegan Comfort Food

  • Doomie’s, Parkdale. Burgers and fries, tacos and sandwiches.
  • Hogtown Vegan, Little Italy. Nachos, chicken and waffles, fish and chips, sandwiches and quesadillas.
  • Disgraceland, Bloor St. West. Vegan pub-style food.
  • Mythology Diner, Parkdale. Mac and cheese, pasta, bacon cheeseburgers, tempeh and chips and reuben sandwiches
  • Fresh, Various Locations. Burgers and fries, wraps, onion rings
  • Apiecalypse, Bloor at Christie Pits. Vegan pizza, hot dogs, snacks, donuts and soft serve ice cream,
  • Planta Burger, Downtown. Burgers, fries and milkshakes.

Sam James Coffee Bar sign in Toronto on Queen Street West.

Best Coffee Shops in Toronto

  • Jimmy’s Coffee, Various locations. A few vegan options for food including chia pudding, overnight oats and vegan baked goods, good matcha lattes too.
  • Strange Love, Spadina at Adelaide and on Queen St West.
  • Early Bird, Queen St. West.
  • Quantum Coffee, Spadina at King.
  • Fika Cafe, Kensington Market. Great patio in the back, no WiFi on weekends.
  • Dark Horse Espresso Bar, Spadina near King. Lots of seating, good for working, some vegan baked goods.
  • El Almacen Yerba Mate Bar, Queen St. West. They serve coffee too, good for working, hanging out
  • Major Treat Coffee, Queen St. West.
  • Offsite, Dundas near Trinity Bellwoods
  • Manic Coffee, College near Bathurst. Some vegan baked goods.
  • Sam James Coffee Bar, Various locations. Best vegan chocolate chip oatmeal cookies!
  • White Squirrel Coffee, Queen St West across from Trinity Bellwoods.
  • The Walton, College at Clinton.

Best Natural Food Stores

  • Fresh and Wild, Spadina at King.
  • 4Life Natural Foods, Kensington Market.
  • Moberly Natural Foods, East Danforth.
  • Noah’s Natural Foods, Koreatown.
  • Essence of Life Organic, Kensington Market.
  • The Big Carrot, Greektown.

Best Vegan Restaurants in Toronto

All of the restaurants below are either completely vegan or vegetarian with vegan options. Toronto has a huge selection of fully plant-based restaurants but even if you’re not visiting one of these vegan hot spots, most places have one or two vegan options on the menu. You’ll have no problem eating plant-based across the city as all areas have something delicious to offer. Bookmark this list of the best vegan restaurants in Toronto and get ready to eat!

Best Place for Vegan Food in Toronto

Kupfert and Kim

Healthy, Grab-n-Go, Gluten-Free, Casual, Smoothies, Breakfast, Lunch + Dinner

Kupfert and Kim was my go-to for quick, healthy breakfasts since they open at 7:30 am. I had their house-made granola, the breakfast congee, tried a couple different smoothies and some of their vegan baking. Everything was good and reasonably priced. The menu also features smoothie bowls, gluten-free waffles, burgers, salads bowls, coffee and more. They have 6 locations around Toronto.

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Fresh Toronto for Vegan Lunch, Dinner, Smoothies and Coffee | Running on Real Food


Healthy, Comfort Food, Casual, Breakfast, Lunch + Dinner

Fresh was my favourite spot for vegan food in Toronto. They’ve got the plant-based thing down pat and I loved their extensive menu that covers everything from buddha bowls to salads, to wraps and burgers. You can order something healthy or not-so-healthy so it’s appealing to everyone. The one on Queen St. West has a great patio, the one on Spadina has small outdoor seating area and cozy interior and the one on Bloor has indoor seating only. Hit up Fresh for a quick, casual meal or a full-on vegan comfort food feast.

I loved that their bowls come in two sizes and can be ordered wth brown rice or soba noodles. They also have lots of fun elixirs, tonics, superfood lattes and matcha drinks on the menu.

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Miso Veggie Bowl at Grasshopper for Vegan Food in Toronto


Healthy, Bowls, Salads, Lunch + Dinner

Grasshopper has three locations across Toronto. The menu features appetizers such as fries and chick-un nuggets, burgers such as the pulled pork or spicy lentil burger, bowls such as mac and cheese, miso veggie and tofu scramble as well as cocktails, juices, smoothies and teas. I went to the one on College, it’s quite small with limited seating but the food was good and would eat there again. I had the veggie miso bowl and one of their kombucha specials.

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Best Vegan Pizza in Toronto at Apiecalypse Now - Running on Real Food City Guides

Apiecalypse Now!

Pizza, Ice Cream, Vegan Comfort Food and Snacks

Hello, vegan pizza by the slice!! It’s not often that you can find vegan pizza by the slice served up along side all your vegan junk food needs. This hole-in-the-wall pizza shop kitty corner to Christine Pits features vegan donuts, pizza, soft serve, fries, hot dogs, wings, poutine and mozarella sticks. There’s a couple of seats inside but I’d recommend taking your food to-to and grabbing a spot in the park across the street.

Their feature pizzas include the Pig Destroyer Destroyer, Zachos, Pepperphony, Slayer and Reunion Tour. They do have a couple salads on the menu if you’re not feeling Jalapeno Poppers, Tofu Nuggets and Yeezy Bread.

Ital Vital Vegan Food in Kensington Market in Toronto.

Ital Vital

Takeout-Style, Home Cooked Caribbean, Lunch + Dinner

Located in Kensington Market, Ital Vital is one of my favourite stops in Toronto. If you’re looking for a hearty, healthy, filling and flavourful meal, this is the place to be. It’s very reasonably priced and the flavours are wonderful.

They don’t really have a set menu, you can choose either a large or small takeout box then you get a selection of bases such as rice or quinoa plus curries, salad, plantain and mock-meat dishes. I loved the food and they lady working was super friendly. There are a few bar seats inside and a couple of benches outside where you can eat.

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One Love Vegetarian BBQ Tofu Bowl with Plantain and Avocado.

One Love Vegetarian

Takeout Carribean Food, Lunch + Dinner, Cash Only

Just off Bloor on Bathurst, this little takeout spot features a limited menu with dishes like roti, curry and BBQ tofu. The BBQ Tofu bowl with rice, plantain and avocado makes a filling and healthy, quick lunch or dinner option. Note that it’s cash only and dishes range from $10-15. It’s mainly takeout but there is some seating if you plan to eat there.

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Vegan pizzas at Virtuous Pie in Toronto.

Virtuous Pie

Vegan Pizza, Salads, Ice Cream, Lunch + Dinner and Weekend Brunch

We have Virtuous Pie in Vancouver so I’m familiar with the menu. It’s a must-visit if you’ve got a craving for vegan pizza. Expect to pay $12-14 for a pizza, which in most cases, serves one. We like to order 2 different kinds and go halfsies. My favourites are the Stranger Wings, Grandma Pie and Ultraviolet but everything is really good. The Garlic Knots are also amazing and if you’ve got room for dessert try the vegan ice cream, cookie skillet or sundaes.

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Veggie D’Light

Nourishing Vegan Caribbean Takeout, Lunch + Dinner

Weekly specials and a daily menu featuring your choice of such as curried chickpeas or seitan serving with veggies and either rice or pasta. You can order is a a bowl or roti wrap. They also have fresh soups.

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The Vegan Extremist

The Vegan Extremist in Kensington Market in Toronto

Vegan South Asian Dishes and Curries

For hearty and savour, South Asian-Inspired cuisine, this new stop in Kensington Market is the place to be. They don’t have a website yet but one look at their Instagram and you’ll see what I mean. Think chickpea and tofu curries, wraps, rice dishes, noodles and mor

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Karine's All Day Breakfast Menu in Toronto.
Vegan All Day Breakfast Platter at Karine's in Toronto.

Karine’s Vegan, Vegetarian and All-Day Breakfast

Food Court, Hearty Vegan Breakfasts, Sandwiches and Salads

Karine’s is a busy all-day breakfast joint located in a food court downtown. You can do breakfast platters with pancakes, home fries, tofu scramble, fruit and salad, vegan eggs benny, bagels, smoothies and more. The breakfasts are filling and satisfying, so if you’re looking for a big, hearty vegan breakfast anytime of day, it’s worth a stop.

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Korean Fried Broccoli at Live Organic Food Bar in Toronto.

Kale Caesar Salad at Live Organic Food Bar in Toronto.

Live Organic Food Bar

Healthy, Gluten-Free, Lunch + Dinner

For the day after your vegan pizza feast at Apiecalypse Now, it’s Live Organic Food Bar to the rescue. Live has an extensive menu with offerings from superfood elixirs and smoothies, to avocado toast and poutine, to mains such as pad Thai, bibimbap, salads, tacos, wraps and burritos.

The entire menu is plant-based, organic, gluten and wheat-free with no refined sugars. Expect whole food ingredients prepared with no preservatives. Just good stuff! Wine, beer, cocktails, coffee and juices also available. They have two locations, one in The Annex and one in Liberty Village.

I loved the kale caesar salad and Korean fried broccoli! They were so good I’m still thinking about them.

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Kale Caesar Salad at Live Organic Food Bar in Toronto.


Internationally-Inspired Dishes in an Upscale Setting

Upscale dining isn’t really my thing, however the food was good and I think Plant is a great choice for a nice dinner out that will appeal to omnivores and vegans alike. The interior of the restaurant is beautifully decorated and the food was creative and delicious. I certainly enjoyed my meal there, I just probably wouldn’t eat there very often.

The menu includes vegan crab cakes (very good), queso dip, risotto, pizza, burgers, fried noodles, lasagna, lettuce wraps and some lovely salads such as the Habibi, which I very much enjoyed. Creative cocktails, beer and wine available.

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List of the Best Plant-Based Food in Toronto, Ontario

Vegan waffles at Hello 123 in Toronto.


Restaurant and Bar, Healthy, Comfort Food, Brunch, Smoothies

This bright, open, casual restaurant and bar is located in the Queen St. West neighbourhood is open for breakfast, brunch, lunch and dinner. They serve everything from loaded sweet potatoes to burgers, to smoothie bowls and creative cocktails. I’ve had the chickpea omelette and waffle but the menu also featured vegan eggs benny, pineapple sliders, cauliflower tahini salad, avocado toast, pancakes, soups and curry. I would go back for sure.

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The famous vegan egg at Mythology Diner in Toronto.

Mythology Diner

Comfort Food Classics Veganized

Think salisbury steak, fettucini alfreado, calimari, crab dips, wings, fish and chips, philly cheesesteak, waffles, eggs benny, club sandwich, baked potato, banana splits, tempeh and chips and more. Located on right beside Doomie’s on Queen St. West just west of Dufferin. A must-visit!

I loved the Breakfast Platter complete with sunny side up “eggs”, bacon and pancakes. I also splurged on a milkshake. So good!

Best Vegan Ice Cream in Toronto at Hibiscus


Vegan Ice Cream, Soups and Salads

Hibiscus is a small vegan soup, crepe, salad and ice cream shop located in Kensington. I didn’t eat there but I had to try the ice cream, of course. I had the sea buckthorn and black sesame ice cream and both were really nice. The food menu features sweet and savory crepes and healthy soups, smoothies and salads.

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Hogtown Vegan

Vegan Comfort Food

Hogtown Vegan is located on College St. near Bathurst and features vegan comfort food classics like nachos, Reuben sandwiches, mac and cheese, chicken and waffles and wings. They have a good patio that’s shaded in the afternoon making it a great stop on a hot day.

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Vegan Comfort Food at Doomie's in Toronto


Vegan Comfort Food Staples

Get ready for fast food, veganized! Think crispy chicken burgers, pulled pork, double cheeseburgers, loaded fries, tacos, chimmichangas and more. Doomie’s is a Toronto staple and while you won’t find any salads on the menu if it’s junk food you’re after, it’s the place to be. I wouldn’t be eating at Doomie’s very often but it was tasty, it’s a good place to take the non-vegans and veg-curious people in your life.

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Parka Food Co.

Burgers, Mac and Cheese, Soups and Fries

Parka burgers are unique in that their burger patties are simply stand-alone vegetables sliced and marinated to create patty. They don’t do processed patties or mock meats. In addition to their 4 veggie burgers, portobello, eggplant, potato and broccoli, they also serve up various takes on mac and cheese, soups and fries and onion rings for sides.

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Vegan tacos and Mexican food at Rosalinda in Toronto.


Creative Vegan Mexican Cuisine

Rosalinda is a new feel-good vegan Mexican restaurant located in the Financial District at Richmond and York. Think coconut civiche, chilaquiles, tostadas, tacos and plates such as the chorizo verde and quinoa bowl with charred broccoli, fennel and chimichurri. And YES, they have churros on the menu! You’ll also find fun, creative cocktails, wine and beer. It’s beautifully decorated and a great place for a delicious meal with friends.

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Vegetarian and Vegan Restaurants in Toronto

BBQ Burger Wrap at Urban Herbivore in Toronto.

Urban Herbivore 

Healthy deli-style salads and bowls, smoothies, sandwiches and desserts

Urban Herbivore is perfect for a healthy lunch or dinner. They have two locations, one in Kensington Market and one in Eaton Centre. You can customize your own bowl or order one from the menu such as the Beluga Bowl with baby kale, black and brown rice, BBQ tofu, carrot, beet, peas, sprouts, hummus, broccoli, avocado, sesame ginger & lemon tahini dressing, sunflower, flax and sesame seeds. They also have soups, smoothies, juices, baked goods and sandwiches such as tempeh and avocado made with baked ginger tempeh steak, avocado, green pea pesto, tomato, pickled cucumber, red leaf and garlic aioli.

Bonus: their biodegradable takeout packaging is 100% petroleum free. Their straws, cups & cutlery are made from corn. Their bowls and lids are sugarcane and their paper bags and boxes use the highest amount of post-consumer recycled content.

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What To Do in Toronto

There are some great neighbourhoods to explore, the lake front to take in, Toronto island, beaches and if you like to shop there is no shortage of fun independent shops and apothecaries to browse. Here are some of my favourite things to do.

Best Thing to do in Toronto - Running on Real Food City Guides

Visit Toronto Island

We headed over the Toronto Island for the afternoon one day and had some beach time at Hanlan’s Beach before making our way back to Centre Island to take the ferry back to the city. I would recommend taking bikes to the Island if you’re able to, otherwise it’s a bit of walk between the three main areas. Or just pack some food and drinks and park yourself on Hanlan Beach for the afternoon. Just be aware, part of the beach is clothing optional so be ready for views of more than just the city. LOL.

You can take a water taxi for $10 each way or take the ferry for a few dollars less. There isn’t much to eat on the Island so I’d recommend bringing your own food. There is a BBQ and Beer joint at Centre Island but it’s more of a cafeteria-style situation with generic beers. I wouldn’t recommend it. Bring hour own food and drinks and find a nice spot on the grass or beach.

Stroll Queen St. West

I walked the entire length of Queen Street from downtown West on various occasions. There is lots to see and do. Stop for a pedicure, grab a coffee, shop, relax on a patio with a cold beer, eat lunch…you could easily spend an afternoon wondering the entire length of Queen St.

Stroll the Ossington Strip

Walk across Ossington from Queen St. West to Dundas for some cute shops, patios and cafes. Once you hit Dundas, turn right and head back down towards town.

Best Things to Do in Toronto

Visit St. Lawrence Market

St. Lawrence Market is a good for an hour or so of wondering. Much like most markets you’ll find fresh produce, souvenirs, baking, fish, meat and cheese shops. The building is surrounded by picnic tables so you can always grab some fresh fruit and find a spot to relax between exploring. There’s a fresh juice and smoothie shop downstairs and plenty of places to grab fresh fruit and veggies.

Visit Kensington Market

Kensington Market is a must-do. It’s such a cool area! Think ice cream, breweries, coffee shops, vintage clothing, bakeries and grocery stores. On Sundays it closes down to cars and becomes pedestrian-only but it’s a great way to spend an afternoon any day of the week. You’ll find restaurants, shopping, breweries, bakeries and cafes and lots of tacos located in Victorian houses. There’s tons to eat, drink and enjoy. It’s one of my favourite spots to wander around.

Have a Picnic

Toronto is full of parks perfect for picnics, frisbee, Spikeball and just laying around people watching. If you’re looking for something relaxing to do for an afternoon, grab some snacks and drinks and head to Trinity Bellwoods, Cristie Pits or one of the many other green spaces in the city for a picnic.

Best things to do in Toronto - Running on Real Food City Guides

Stroll the Waterfront

The lake front board walk is a good place to spend an afternoon. You’ll find some lovely patios and the cool breeze coming off the lake is a must on a hot Toronto day.

Take in the Old Architecture

If you love old buildings and churches there is plenty to check out in Toronto. There are some beautiful old churches downtown, plus Casa Loma, Union Station, the Flatiron Building, old city hall, the Ontario legislative buildings and Osgoode Halle. I came across these just wondering and biking the city, there seems to be something around every corner so get your camera out!

Walk Around Greektown

Greektown, also known as “The Danforth” is just east of Downtown and worth a wander if you have a couple hours. You can reach it via the Bike Share Route, Uber, Lyft or public transit. Wander Danforth, stopping in at the many restaurants, cafes and bars, Greek tavernas and pastry shops, as well as a vibrant mix of specialty boutiques. Expect to spend 1-2 hours wandering around, more if you’re stopping to eat, drink or sip coffee.

Walk Around Leslieville

Leslieville is also just east of Downtown and can be reached by Bike Share, Uber, Lyft or public transit. Wander Queen St. East, stopping in at the many cafes, bakeries, breweries and shops. Expect to spend 1-2 hours wandering around or allow for more if you’re stopping to eat, drink or sip coffee.

Brewery Hop

If you love craft beer, there are no shortage of local breweries to visit in Toronto. Some favourites are Left Field, Bellwoods and Bandit but there are many more to explore.

The Stop Farmer's Market in Toronto for Vegan Food

Visit The Stop Farmer’s Market

I was so surprised how many vegan options this market had. They’re every Saturday year round from 8 to 12:30 at the Arstcape Wychwood Bars at St. Clair and Christie. You’ll find everything from vegan steamed buns, to wraps, chocolate, smoothies to plenty of sweet baked goods, breads and more. I’d recommend it for a lovely Saturday morning browse and bite to eat.

Where to Workout in Toronto

Here’s where I worked out while visiting Toronto:

  • Academy of Lion’s CrossFit
  • Reebok CrossFit Liberty Village
  • CrossFit 416 (My favourite place to train in Toronto, they have a one week pass if you’re in town a while)
  • Misfit Studio (Yoga, pilates, mobility etc.)
  • Core Studio (Pilates)
  • Run or go for an Outdoor Workout in High Park
  • Run or Cycle the Waterfront
  • Walk everywhere! It’s not uncommon for me to rack up 15-20 km just walking around, exploring the city. If you’re not a gym goer, you can’t be walking for a free, low-impact way to get some movement in.

How to get Around Toronto

How to Get Around Toronto

Uber or Lyft

Easy and convenient, you can’t be beat Uber and Lyft for trips outside of biking and walking distance.

UP Express

Use the UP Express to come in from the airport. It’s inexpensive, easy and makes 3 convenient stops between the airpot and downtown. You’ll probably want to get off at Bloor or Union when you come in from the airport, depending on where you’re staying.

Bike Share Toronto

This was my primary mode of transportation while visiting Toronto. I bike miles and miles and miles all around the city. You can get a day pass for $7 or a 3 day pass for $17. Toronto has plenty of bike lanes and I felt safe biking pretty much everywhere, even downtown. Since I was travelling I didn’t have a helmet so that would be the only concern but just be cautious and aware and you’ll be fine. There are bike stops every where you’d want to go and you’ll be able to get to every restaurant on this list using the bike share.


In addition to biking, Toronto is very walkable too. There are lots of fun streets to wonder while you’re making your way around. Downtown, Bloor, College, Dundas, Ossington and Queen St. are all worth a stroll.

Public Transit

You can’t beat public transit for getting around. Take the subway or electric trains and you’ll be able to get just about any where you need to go.

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