This list of the best vegan cookbooks features books you’ll use time and time again to prepare delicious vegan and plant-based recipes in your kitchen. Whether you’re looking for vegan comfort food classics or healthy, whole food plant-based dishes, there is something on this list for you.

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The Best Vegan Cookbooks

These books feature recipes that are practical, accessible, reliable, delicious and mostly healthy. Whether it's for yourself or you're looking for a gift idea, these are all wonderful books to have on you bookshelf.

More Vegan Cookbooks

I do have a number of other vegan cookbooks on my shelf that are worth a quick mention.

plant-powered way

The Plant-Powered Way gets honourable mentions for extra healthy recipes but I don’t find it every practical for everyday. It is packed with a ton of great tips and information about eating plant-based though. If you’re really into eating for nutrient density, superfoods, raw foods and absolutely thriving on an unrefined, whole food plant-based diet, I would definitely recommend checking it out.

My New Roots

This book features 100 plant-based recipes perfect for anyone to discover how wonderful simple, vegan eating can be. I’ve made a few of the recipes but it’s not a book I crack open very often. The book is based on seasonal eating so has sections for Summer, Spring, Winter and Fall. Some of my favourite recipes, like Sarah’s Life-Changing Loaf of Bread and the Best Ever Lentil Salad, I’d already made from her blog, which you can check out here. Find the book here.

Food52 Vegan

I’ve made a number of recipes from this book and they were all good but I haven’t used the book that often. It covers many basics like Tofu Scramble, Miso Soup, Sesame Flax Crackers, Muesli, Kale Chips and Granola Bars plus some lovely pastas, salads and soups. It’s a lovely book there are just too many recipes that aren’t up my alley.

If you love simple, nourishing, whole food plant-based vegan food, it’s worth checking out though. Check it out here.

Deliciously Ella

I’ve enjoyed my copy of Deliciously Ella quite a bit but I haven’t used it much for everyday cooking. I’d say it’s more of a how-to guide for clean, plant-based eating but it does have a great selection of beautiful healthy, vegan recipes. It’s a great book for breakfasts, healthy snacks and whole-food desserts and does have a selection of simple entrees and salads.

Did I miss one?

I have many more vegan cookbooks on my bookshelf, such as:

  • Frugal Vegan
  • 30-Minute Frugal Vegan Meals
  • Forks over Knives
  • Bosh
  • The Homemade Vegan Pantry
  • How Not to Die
  • Vegan Richa’s Everyday Kitchen
  • Healthy Happy Vegan Kitchen
  • The Super Fun Times Vegan Holiday Cookbook

Some of them are worth checking out so if you have any questions about them, just leave a comment below and I’d be happy to help!

Looking for Vegan Resources?

If you’re looking for books on nutrition, health, animal agriculture and ethics, check out my list of the Best Plant-Based Diet Books and Resources.

Hope you guys found this helpful! Happy cooking!