I haven’t talked about it very often on the blog up until now, but in 2015 I plan to share more suggestions, tips and thoughts on an important aspect of total wellness: mental health. I love to share recipes and workouts with you and yes, that takes care of the body, but what about the mind?

Catherine at The Life Delicious Blog calls it The Wining Trifecta of Wellness or stress management, exercise and nutrition. I think she nailed it with that description, don’t you? You need to address all 3 factors of wellness to look and feel your best.

To kick off a stellar 2015 and the addition of stress-management and mental health posts to the blog, I thought I’d share some of the productivity and happiness blogs I like to visit for a little dose of zen or a kick in the pants, whichever I might be in need of that day! I also included some of my favourite productivity blogs because I think self-development is an important part living a happy life. Enjoy!

14 Productivity and Happiness Blogs to Read This Year

1. Tiny Buddha

Tiny Buddha is a larger site but it’s a great resource to bookmark for quick pick-me-ups. Try spending 5 or 10 minutes over your morning coffee reading a few happiness or mindfullness posts to reflect on throughout the day.

2. The Tim Ferris Blog

You may know him as the author of The 4-Hour Workweek (a fantastic self-development read if you’ve never read it). Regardless of his books…go to the blog, read stuff, get inspired. Go back, read some more. Repeat as needed!

3. Zen Habits

I always leave zen habits feeling inspired and even more exciting, the author, Leo Babauta has a new book coming out! If you’ve never visited before, get started with this Essential Zen Habits of 2014 post.

4. Personal Excellence

I think the name pretty much says it all, don’t ya think. If you love personal development like I do, you’ll love this blog by Celes Chau who is ridiculously inspiring in her own right. Read her story here. I love posts like this one on finding purpose in your life and this one on building a passive income stream

5. Live Your Legend

Live Your Legend is a blog that helps readers do work they are passionate about by sharing tools, experiments, tips and more inspiration reading. I’d recommend starting with the Free Toolkit to Find and Do Work You Love as well as grabbing the Free 2015 Goal-Setting and Action Workbook as well as the 2015 Weekly Planning Workbook.

6. Zen Happiness Project Blog

Taking care of yourself and cultivating a life of happiness is such an important part of total health. I love to pop over to the Zen Happiness Project Blog every now and again to give myself a good reminder of that!

14 Productivity and Happiness Blogs to Read This Year

7. Becoming Minimalist

Becoming Minimalist is a personal favourite of mine. I find the articles have inspiring and solid tips that I can apply to my life. Even if you’re not interested in minimalism, Becoming Minimalist is a useful resource if you’re looking for ways to live a meaningful and authentic life. Check out the Top Posts of 2014 to get started.

8. Brain Pickings 

Maria Popova writes about everything from economics, to literatures, to art, science and plenty more. Her idea behind Brain Pickings is that creativity is a “combinatorial force: it’s our ability to tap into our mental pool of resources — knowledge, insight, information, inspiration, and all the fragments populating our minds — that we’ve accumulated over the years just by being present and alive and awake to the world, and to combine them in extraordinary new ways.” I always find her articles thought-provoking and inspiring. For a good place to start, check out How to Find Your Purpose and Do What Your Love.

10. Marc and Angel Hack Life

Another great site to browse over morning coffee and get inspired for your day! It’s full of simple and effective tips to implement into your life. They also have a book out called 1,000+ Little Things Happy Successful People Do Differently that you can pick up on Amazon.

11. Slow Your Home

What are the most important things in your life? Your things or your family? The experiences you have or the stuff in your closet? I think you know the answer and Brooke McAlary at Slow Your Home will help you simplify your life so you can enjoy what really matters.

12. The Minimalists

This is one of my favourite places online to get inspired to live a happier, simpler life. Joshua and Ryan from The Minimalists have dedicated their lives to living minimally since 2011 and now share it all with us on their wonderful website. Some of their posts are short, some of them long, but I always find their words to be incredibly inspiring. Check out their latest post for a round-up of some of their favourite posts of 2014.

13. Change Your Thoughts

Everything health, finances, relationships, writing, and generally keeping a positive perspective on life. Basically, all the good stuff.

14. The Daily Saint

Lots of good tips for decreasing stress, increasing productivity and living life to the fullest. Get started with the top posts of 2014.

Now it’s your turn! Where do you find inspiration online? What are your favourite happiness, productivity or wellness blogs? Do share!

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